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War. Room, 2018

War. Room is an experimental film, in which every scene is based on a personal experience from the artist’s military service. The different events are recreated and portrayed in a new and wild interpretation.


The theme which unites the whole film, echoes within each scene – being a homosexual in the Israeli military. This context loads the film with several issues, such as sexuality, masculinity, anxiety, shame and death - with regard to the Israeli culture and the global culture at large. 

The artist’s figure in the film is trapped in a room that represents a mental, imaginary zone. In this territory, the artist uses both cinematic and sculptural items – screenings, lighting and military objects – to create a cinematic space.

This space contains abstract and concrete images, through which a new surrealistic military reality is created. 


War. Room is a one man creation in which the artist takes the role of the director, actor, screenwriter, cinematographer, lighting operator, sound man, art director, and editor. This multiplicity is revealed in the film and creates reflexivity, connected strongly to the retro-perspective look on the memories. The artist fuses the creation process with the creation itself, reconstructs his memories through a fictional manner, and the character as a creator of the imaginary figure – attempting to create an original film challenging the comprehension of existence, and the Israeli society’s values.


2018 - TLVfest - Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, first prize in Israeli Short Films Competition

2018 - Kinoproba Film Festival, special mention 



Official Selections

2019 - Cheries-Cheris International LGBTQ Film Festival

2019 - Playa del Carmen LGBTQ Film Festival
2018 - IRIS PRIZE LGBTQ film festival

2018 - Painting the Spectrum LGBTQ+ Film Festival

2018 - OMOVIES film festival
2018 - SFG International LGBTQ Film Festival
2018 - SPE Media Festival 


Special programs
2018 - Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes


 TRAILER War Room - 14:41 (2018)

"Visually innovative, experimental representation of one gay man's traumatic experience of military service in the Israeli army. A reminder that war damages on all sides, and in those societies, which are increasingly becoming more militarised, violent combat is not the solution to resolving conflict."

The jury's reasoning for choosing the winning film - War. Room - Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival 2018