Video Art

A collection of video art/video installation/video performance works I created. 2014 - 2020

W.O.R.D, 2020

Video Performance

2021 - Ahad Ha'am 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2020 - Art Cube Artist's Studios, Jerusalem

2021 - OGA Visual Art (S)exhibitions, Roma, Italy


Ben - a projected virtual entity, puts on a magic show during which he presents illusions related to the word "word" and the meanings and images that emerge from it in Hebrew.

Ben's projected body is disassembled and reassembled, while also dismantling the system of connections between the letter, the word,the image, the illusion, the voice, the time, the identity, and the Jewish circumcision ceremony.

Part of Disciplined Bodies Video Installtion

A glance on Jerusalem through the arch of Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, produces a timeless prism. 

Jaffa Gate - 10:10 (2016)

A heart shaped balloon is objectified in an attempt of raising questions about sex, gender and domination.

Balloon - 03:37 (2014)

2018 - Succa BaHazer festival 

2017 - Beita Gallery, Jerusalem 

Picture - 02:04 (2017)

An illusion of a burning eye, which raises reflexive questions about the practice of photography in cinematography.

Teva Domem - 01:02 (2016)

Postcard from the Galilee.

A filmed Journey I took through the suburban life in Israel.

(TRAILER) Challa - 10:34 (2016)

2016 - Hansen Gallery, Jerusalem

Disciplined Bodies, 2016
                Video Installation

2017 - Beita Gallery, Jerusalem

This video installation is a meeting point for the Image of masculinity, femininity, religion and madness. In a space that architecturally resembles a church, the viewer is presented with scenes of nudity and torture, pilgrimage and religious ecstasy.