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Video and Installation

A collection of video art / video installation works I created. 2014 - 2017

Part of Disciplined Bodies Video Installtion

A glance on Jerusalem through the arch of Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, produces a timeless prism. 

Jaffa Gate - 10:10 (2016)

A heart shaped balloon is objectified in an attempt of raising questions about sex, gender and domination.

Balloon - 03:37 (2014)

2018 - Succa BaHazer festival 

2017 - Beita Gallery, Jerusalem 

Picture - 02:04 (2017)

An illusion of a burning eye, which raises reflexive questions about the practice of photography in cinematography.

Teva Domem - 01:02 (2016)

Postcard from the Galilee.

A filmed Journey I took through the suburban life in Israel.

(TRAILER) Challa - 10:34 (2016)

2016 - Hansen Gallery, Jerusalem

Disciplined Bodies, 2016
                Video Installation

2017 - Beita Gallery, Jerusalem

This video installation is a meeting point for the Image of masculinity, femininity, religion and madness. In a space that architecturally resembles a church, the viewer is presented with scenes of nudity and torture, pilgrimage and religious ecstasy.

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